Monday, December 11, 2006

The Orange Bully

My cat is being terrorized by the neighbour's deceptively sweet looking kitty! So there is Sammy Jo checking out the stoop making sure there are no rogue cats lurking around the corner ready to attack.

Truth be told the orange kitty tried to make friends with Sammy Jo but he would have none of it and decided to whack the orange kitty across the face. Well, needless to say orange cat took exception to this snotty behavior and swiped back. Turns out orange cat is a whole lot better at fighting than my cat! So we are now in the midst of a domain war over who owns the stoop. So far orange cat is winning. But, look out orange cat for Sammy Jo is sneaky and he doesn't always fight fair!

Yesterday when I opened the door to let him out, he could see orange cat was resting peacefully blissfully unaware of his presence. Sammy Jo flew out the door and in one flying leap crash landed on orange cat sending him hurtling over the edge. This lead to Sammy Jo strutting around with an air of, "Oh yea, I'm so good. I'm tough! Who's king of the stoop now? That's right, I am! Take that you orange furball!"

Don't worry orange cat is fine and no doubt plotting his revenge. I think Sammy Jo had better watch his back in the upcoming days!

Here of course is the orange cat that is the cause of all the cat dramatics around here of late.


Allison said...

That orange cat looks identical to the cat I house sat for this summer, and boy was he a cheeky little bugger. Poor Sammy Jo, he's so CUTE.

Toccata said...

Hi Allison. Mr. Blogger was doing really weird stuff to the words today, splitting off the final letter so while you were commenting I was trying to get it so words weren't hacked off midstream!

Jinxie my childhood cat was that colour and he was a devil that one. Man he could get into trouble!

Melanie said...

Awww, what a cute orange kitty. I do hope Sammy Jo kicks his arse tho! GO Sammy Jo GO *WOOOOOT* :D

Toccata said...

Mellowlee, I have to admit I'm rather partial to orange cats. It is pretty funny to see how the two interact. I tell Sammy Jo to play nice but does he listen?

mellowlee said...

Well hopefully they will eventually become friends. I do have my doubt tho. You know how kitty rivalries are. They go on and on. There is a black cat in the 'hood that Loki can't stand to have near our apartment building. Everytime he sess it, he must chase it off, even if it means running across the street. It's a little scary sometimes!

Toccata said...

Black cat in the hood! Cats are just so entertaining. The neighbours behind me have a cat door and one time I saw a cat sitting in front of it and then a paw fling out of the opening and give him a swipe. It was so funny to watch.