Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Eve Party

One New Year's Eve I went to a friends home and we had a lovely night. We had a Raclette, good wine and great conversation. It was a very nice, quiet civilized evening. When I arrived home I opened my door and out flew Huey a cat that lived downstairs. That was a shock. How did he get in?
Huey's owners opened their door and said they could hear Huey meowing and scratching at the wall that faces their apartment but there was nothing they could do. I remember one of them saying, "I bet they've become friends now."

I didn't think that was all that likely since the two of them were locked in a long standing feud over the back stoop. That back stoop has long been a disputed piece of territory around here! I started up the stairs only to be met with large tufts of cat fur on the landing.

I walked into my livingroom and into total destruction. It was unbelievable! Stuff was strewn all over the floor. There was one battered poinsetta plant that had toppled over in the commotion leaving a trail of dirt and crushed red leaves in its wake. Everything that had once been on a countertop, table top bookshelf was on the floor. Agh! All my pencil crayons were scattered amongst the mess. I was not happy about that one! I'm a little protective and obsessive when it comes to my art supplies.
I still cannot believe two cats could cause so much damage in one night! You hear of teenagers having parties that got out of control well believe me Sammy Jo threw one big shingdig himself that New Year's Eve! When I started cleaning up the mess Sammy Jo decided to help by batting the pencil crayons, sending them skittering across the floor with him in hot pursuit.

This year I am hoping there will not be a repeat of such naughty behaviour!

Happy New Year everyone and I hope 2007 is a good one. Take care.


mellowlee said...

LMAO! You know, I can just see them trashing the place! We did have a small Maine Coon cat when we first moved here (I was "cat sitting" for an ex) and her and Loki would trash the place just playing. I can only imagine what to enemy cats would do YIKES!

I understand about the art supplies. Mine go in my bedroom in a large storage tower with drawers. No one is allowed to touch them :)

Toccata said...

Oh I'm glad to hear someone is as possessive of their art supplies as I am.

I had friends that had two cats, a brother and sister and they loved to get at the toilet paper and unravel it and draw the stuff all throughout the house!