Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year's Resolutions 2007

1. Exercise more. I think I'll start tomorrow. I mean really, who starts their resolutions on the first?
2. Quit complaining about the food situation. Oops, too late, already broke this one.

3. I won't pull my owner's hair in the middle of the night to wake her up so she can

a) let me out

b) play

c) feed me

d) no real reason but I'm bored and want some company

4. Won't use the piano as a napping station. This resolution is more about self-survival. I don't know why but sleeping on the piano really annoys my owner. Maybe she should quit leaving piano books on top. Piano books make for very comfy sleeping quarters.

5. Bring home more surprise gifts. My owner really likes my gifts. I think she was quite taken with the live bird I let into the house not to mention the real live mouse. My that was fun. I
think my owner had lots of fun with that one. I liked watching her run in circles. However, her yelling at poor me was quite uncalled for!
6. Eat more real chicken. I think I need to get off the canned cat food. Canned cat food is like junk food so more real homemade baked chicken it is. Turkey, salmon, tuna and halibut can be substituted. If my owner would only make these for me on a daily basis then I would have no trouble following resolution number 2!
Happy New Year Everyone! Here's hoping 2007 is a good one.


mellowlee said...

LOL! Well looks like Sammy Jo has it all worked out ;) Aren't real live presents exciting?! hehe

Beau Beau & Angie said...

We like the real food better too. But we get the best real stuff in the can so that's ok. Sometimes. Have a happy healthy wealthy and wise 2007!

Toccata said...

Mellowlee, don't you go and give Sammy Jo any ideas!

Beau beau and Angie, Happy New Year to you as well. Hope 2007 brings you lots of catnip and pets. Somehow I don't think either one of you is lackingin the pets and hugs department! Take care my friends.

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

haha.. number three kills me. especially d.

Toccata said...

I have the feeling you being a dog owner can probably relate to 3d!

668 aka neighbour of the beast said...

my dog just stares at me. i wake up, and there he is.. looking at me. it's totally freaky.

Toccata said...

668 that's funny. Animals are hilarious. They know all the tricks of the trade for getting their way.

So when do we get to see him in his hat?

Leazwell said...

Your cat and mine would have a lot to talk about!

Toccata said...

Leazwell, I bet your cat and my cat could find all sorts of trouble to get into! They would probably start off by fighting over the blue hippo!

justacoolcat said...

I saw #1 and I thought "more sunbeams".

Toccata said...

Justacoolcat, more sunbeams. I should definitely add that one. Like all cats he loves the sunbeams. I often find him stretched out on the gas stove around midmorning because that's where the sun hits at that time of day! I just think, kitty that cannot be good for you.